"Get to know your neighbors" is how the intention of the municipality of Forst regarding the participation in the Karlsruhe Children's Passport could be tranlated. Forst is extremely child-friendly and offers almost optimal care and education options for every age with four daycare centers, two TigeR groups, a forest kindergarten and a community school,. Forst can say with full conviction: children are welcome here.

We score with an abundance of recreational opportunities and want to make these accessible to all children in the region through the cooperation with the city of Karlsruhe concerning the Karlsruher Kinderpass Passport. Each child
can choose an offer according to his or her own strengths and preferences. In Forst, we have a wide range of activities, including the Heidesee park, the animal and bird park, the forest playground, and the community's own library, which allows children to spend their free time in a meaningful way or to supplement their schoolwork. We are throwing these assets into the ring in order to be able to take a big step towards equal opportunities for all children in cooperation with the other affiliated communities.

Bernd Killinger

OFFER IN FORST (01.01.2022)

- Discount at the leisure park Heidesee

- Reduced annual fee at the municipal libraryt