Creating equal opportunities and to make participation possible are important tasks for politics and administration today. Too often, social development and the acceleration of many processes through digitization push people to the background. This can lead to individuals being left behind and participation becomes increasingly difficult. Children and adolescents are particularly affected by exclusion through poverty.

It is important to counteract this. Therefore, we are all challenged, especially the municipalities, to strengthen peoples chances in life and to realize their right to participate. Proven countermeasures in the region are the Karlsruhe Pass, including educational vouchers for passport holders from the age of 60 and the Karlsruhe Children's Pass, which facilitate participation in social life in the Karlsruhe SocialRegion.

Beyond local borders, the Karlsruhe Pass and the Karlsruhe Children's Pass create opportunities to participate. Bad Schönborn is therefore happy to join the social region and offers the opportunity to participate with the Karlsruhe Pass from March 1st, 2020. I personally am very happy about it because it allows the community to take responsibility for socially disadvantaged people. I am also happy to advertise these social passports to neighboring communities so that they will receive even more supporters.

I wish all Bad Schönborn residents, who can now use the Karlsruhe Pass, many good experiences when they are out and about in the Karlsruhe social region.

Klaus Detlef Huge, Bürgermeister


- admission to "Kleinschwimmhalle BS" free

- Holiday program and Chili Out events with Karlsruhe Kinderpass 50% discount

- Bicycle "cage" at the Station Mi 50% discount with Karlsruhe Children’s Pass

- Library card with Karlsruher Pass free of charge

- 50% discount on chargeable consultations at the family centre with Karlsruher Pass