KVV Vacation Pass / Ferienpass
20. July 2021
KVV-Tickets for Pupils and Trainees / Ausbildungskarte
20. July 2021
KVV 9 o’clock tickets / 9Uhr-Ticket
The 9 o’clock tickets of the KVV are reduced for Karlruher pass owners with residence Karlsruhe city. The 9 o’clock ticket 2 zones for the city area costs about half, the 9 o’clock tickets with three and more zones can also be partially subsidized. Tickets with Karlsruhe Pass can be purchased (exclusively) at the Customer Center.
Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund
Kundenzentrum Marktplatz Karl-Friedrich-Straße 9 76133 Karlsruhe 0721 6107-5885