KVV 9 o’clock tickets / 9Uhr-Ticket
20. July 2021
KVV Ticket for people aged 65 and older /Karte ab 65
20. July 2021
KVV-Tickets for Pupils and Trainees / Ausbildungskarte
Pupils and trainees (Azubis) can buy monthly tickets (A-Karte) at a discount at the KVV Customer Center with the Karlsruhe Children’s Pass and proof that they are pupils or trainees. The Karlsruhe A-card is about 50% off, and reductions are also available for A-cards for three or more fare zones. Full-time pupils with the appropriate minimum distance also have the option of applying for full coverage of the costs for the Scoolcard via Bildung und Teilhabe.
Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund
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