KVV- Karte ab 65 Stutensee
29. August 2019
KVV- Karte ab 65 Weingarten
20. April 2018
KVV- Karte ab 65 Waldbronn

The monthly card from the age of 65 is for owners of the Karlsruher Pass residing in Waldbronn reduced by 50 %. The card from the age of 65 is a personal monthly ticket, vaild for the whole area of the kvv during the entered period. To order this monthly ticket at the KVV-Abo-Stelle the application must be accompanied by a photo and a confirmation from the municipality Waldbronn.

Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund

VBK Abo-Stelle
Postfach 1140
76001 Karlsruhe