Karlsruhe Pass / Karlsruhe Children's Pass in the city and district of Karlsruhe

Social Region Karlsruhe

Fighting poverty has been a socio-political goal of the city of Karlsruhe for a quarter of a century. The Kinderpass introduced in 2006 and the Karlsruhe Pass reintroduced in 2009 are successful instruments for this. They enable socially disadvantaged children and adults to participate by enabling them to participate in sporting, cultural or other leisure activities. However, the political and administrative boundaries of the city do not necessarily correspond to the subjectively perceived social spaces of the people living there. Effective poverty reduction therefore requires solutions that go beyond these limits. As a regional action group, the SocialRegion Karlsruhe overcomes these limits and enables participation. It understands the fight against poverty as a joint task and contributes to the solution of social problems by linking the communities.

The region takes everyone along - Karlsruhe Children's Pass

Our social systems are becoming more and more complex, and modernization is changing living conditions increasingly faster. With this development we cannot and do not want to afford that People lag behind - especially not those who still have the future ahead of them. That means for us also new political challenges. It is important to effectively improve the situation of the affected children. As the central place where children and families live, the municipalities are particularly challenged. And at the same time it needs a way of thinking that goes beyond single communities, because poverty does not stop at the place name sign. This problem concerns us all. That's why we decided to tackle it together.

For this purpose, we have chosen the SocialRegion Karlsruher Kinderpass: for an effective fight against poverty across communal borders. For the chances of children and adolescents, it shouldn't matter what social status the family has. Here we want to achieve an harmonization of living conditions. The children's pass is the instrument for participation and equal opportunities. So we give the children and young people of this region a chance to develop age-appropriate, to develop individually and to participate in social life. And we give them a perspective.

Social Region for adults - Karlsruher Pass

Several municipalities have already decided to introduce the Karlsruhe Pass for adults. The aim is to improve opportunities for adults to participate and to make the various offers in the communities accessible.
In Rheinstetten and Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, all adults can apply for a Karlsruhe Pass, which does not allow the KVV discount, but includes all other services such as reduced admissions, courses and memberships as well as the 60PLUS education vouchers for people aged 60 and over. The education vouchers can be used for sports, culture, education and leisure activities, for example for the annual ticket in the Zoological City Garden in Karlsruhe, for courses at the Volkshochschule, at the Baden State Theatre, for membership fees and much more.

SocialRegion for people over 65 - the Karlsruher Pass

Focused on the topic of poverty in old age, some municipalities have decided to establish the Karlsruhe Pass 65PLUS. In these municipalities, residents who are 65 years of age and older can apply for a Karlsruhe Pass. In addition to all other discounts (except KVV monthly tickets), this Karlsruhe Pass gives you the option of tsubscribung to the KVV "Card for people at the age 65 or older" with a discount of 50%.
The Karlsruher Pass also includes the 60PLUS education vouchers, which can be used for sport, culture, educational and leisure activities. The Karlsruhe Pass 65PLUS is available in Waldbronn, Weingarten (Baden) and Stutensee.

The options

The offers in the SocialRegion are various and exciting. You can find detailed information using the symbols on the right.

Participate in the SocialRegion

The SozialRegion is always happy about new municipalities that want to participate, because together the participating municipalities are more than the sum of their parts. Bundling energies, benefiting from experience and developing ideas further together - this is what makes the SocialRegion with the Karlsruhe Pass and the Karlsruhe Children's Pass a powerful tool for combating poverty. You can obtain information at any time from the youth leisure and education center on 0721 133-5673 or by email to that want to participate, because together the participating communities are more than the sum of their parts. Bundling energies, benefiting from experience and developing ideas further together - this is what makes the SocialRegion with the Karlsruhe Pass and the Karlsruhe Children's Pass a powerful tool for fightling poverty. You can obtain information at any time from the Jugendfreizeit- und Bildungswerk under 0721 133-5673 or by email to

Charta SozialRegion

On the occasion of the five-year anniversary of the SocialRegion on May 3rd, 2018, the "SocialRegion Charter" was signed in Stutensee, the first municipality to cooperate with the City of Karlsruhe on the Karlsruhe Children's Pass.

Among other things, it says:
The most important goal in fightling poverty is to increase the opportunities for disadvantaged people to participate. The SocialRegion Karlsruhe supports this with offers for participation, further development of these offers and with the help of an intercommunal exchange.

Signatories of the 2018 Charter:
- Mayor Martin Lenz, Karlsruhe
- Lord mayor Klaus Demal, Stutensee
- Head of the Social and Regulatory Office Ronald Daum, Rheinstetten
- Mayor Wolfgang Wehowsky, Weingarten (Baden)
- Mayor Karl-Heinz Burgey, Walzbachtal
- Mayor Nicola Bodemer, Pfinztal
- Mayor Bernd Stober, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
- Mayor Franz Masino, Waldbronn
- Head of Education, Social Affairs, Sport Patrick Hauns, Bruchsal
- Mayor Bernd Killinger, Gemeinde Forst
- District Administrator Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel, district Karlsruhe
- Head of Department Peter Kappes, district Karlsruhe