Dear children, dear parents,
our Pfinztal offers for children, no matter which age, a wonderfully creative space for development through the various offers of our clubs.
In order to expand this spectrum even further, we joined the Karlsruher Kinderpass in 2016. It is a great enrichment to our existing offers in Pfinztal. In particular, it complements our summer holiday program "Abenteuerland Pfinztal" and the children's holiday town "Pfinziwatz" excellently. It offers lots of leisure activities and educational opportunities, which are also open for your children through the cooperation with the city of Karlsruhe.
I would be delighted if this varied leisure activities were widely accepted by our Pfinztaler children and teenagers. After all, discovering, experiencing and, above all, having fun - that's what the Karlsruhe Kinderpass offers. It is issued in the city hall Pfinztal, where we also gladly answer your questions.

I wish all children and teenagers a lot of joy and pleasure with the various leisure activities. Maybe you write back to me what you discovered and what your experiences were. I'm looking forward to your messages !!

Nicola Bodner


- reduced fees for holiday care "Abenteuerland Pfinztal"

- free library card in the library owned by the municipality

- free participation in the offers of the textile and repa

- 5x free admission to the indoor swimming pool Söllingen

- 50 % discount on excursions of the Senior Citizens' Academy

- discount on community events in the "House of Encounters" Pfinztal

- 50% on cultural events in the community center

- annual network ticket KVV "Card from 65" reduced (50%, only subscription possible)

- 50 % on 9 o'clock monthly tickets (refund in Pfinztal)