The Karlsruhe Pass – because the region includes everyone

Everyone should feel at home in the Karlsruhe region. This means that access to social life plays a very important role and this life includes leisure, sport and culture. And you have to be mobile to join in.

The Karlsruhe Pass has been designed so that this access is not blocked by financial means. It includes different services in the form of benefits on extensive offers from participating municipalities, including leisure, sport, culture, education and mobility.

The Karlsruhe Pass therefore ensures the harmonisation of living conditions. And it brings people one step closer to the region’s high quality of life.

How to get the Karlsruhe Pass: apply once and use it the whole year.

You can get the Karlsruhe Pass in the participating municipalities. Which communities participate and what kind of a Karlsruhe Pass you get there, you will find out if you click on the name of the municipality on the right. The Karlsruher Pass will be issued in the respective municipality, is valid for twelve months and can be renewed every year. All you need is a current, passport-sized photo, your identity card and the relevant, complete information about social benefits in its original form or complete documents for an evaluation.

Those entitled to it are:

· Citizens that get ALG II (unemployment benefits) (Social Security Code – SBG II), social benefits (SGB XII), assisted living according to SBG VIII, housing benefits, benefits according the AsylbLG asylum law or family allowance or have a low income.

People with a low income who do not get social benefits will have their claim to a Karlsruhe Pass evaluated individually directly at the issuing office. We also need the following documents:

· Your last three pay slips/pension notices

· Evidence of current rent amount

· Evidence of heating costs

· Evidence of maintenance payments

· Evidence of other income for all family members

· Evidence of child benefits

·Complete bank statements from the last three months

·Complete evidence of all of the assets of all family members

Motor vehicle registration certificate

The options

What the Karlsruhe Pass has to offer is so diverse that we can only give you a brief overview here. You will find more details about the options using the symbol on the right.


There are discounts up to 50% off for different tickets from the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV – Karlsruhe’s public transportation authority), depending on the issuing municipality.


There is discounted entry at numerous municipal museums in the region with the Karlsruhe Pass.


The Zoological Garden’s annual ticket is available at the Zoo’s cash desk in return for a small personal contribution. Entry to various events in the region, such as Das Fest or KSC home games, is discounted or even free.


Different outdoor and indoor pools in the region give up to 50% off the regular single admission price. In addition, the outdoor pool season ticket is 50% cheaper.


1When can the Pass be renewed?
The validity period is indicated in the Karlsruhe Pass’ stamp field. From the last month of this validity, it can be extended at the respective issuing office.
2Which documents do I need to make the renewal?
To make the renewal, we require the same documents as if for a new application, but in their current version
3Do I need an appointment?
In some instances; it depends on the respective issuing office. You will find the opening times of the issuing offices and the respective contact details on the pages of the participating municipality.
4How long do I have to wait for the Karlsruhe Pass?
In Karlsruhe, the Karlsruhe Pass can usually be issued directly on the spot and is immediately valid for all offers and services provided that you have the valid information and/or documents plus a photo with you at the time of making the application. Please check the information at the issuing office about processing times in other participating municipalities.
5I have lost my pass – what now?
Lost Karlsruhe Passes can be replaced by us. The expiry date then corresponds to that of the original pass. We do not need to see any documents this time but please bring your ID with you and a new photo.
6Where is the discounted season ticket valid and how much is it?
The discounted season ticket is valid at municipal outdoor pools during the summer season from the beginning of May until the end of the summer holidays. Karlsruhe Pass holders can purchase the monthly ticket with a 50% discount. The discounted season ticket can only be purchased at jfbw. Please bring a photo with you.

Discounted season ticket prices for 2017:
Adult season ticket Amount with Karlsruhe Pass € 38.00
Family season ticket Amount with Karlsruhe Pass € 86.00
Discounted season ticket Amount with Karlsruhe Pass € 25.00