Dear members of the Karlsruhe Social Region,
dear fellow citizens,
dear families, dear children,

we as the municipality of Hambrücken are grateful and proud to be a part of the Karlsruhe Social Region and, together with many other municipalities, to be able to enable more and more people to participate in social life. The Karlsruhe Passports are a successful model and the key to this. We all bear a social responsibility that is greater than ever in the current times of continuing crises. We have to live up to this and we want to live up to it. Regardless of origin, regardless of language and regardless of education, it must be possible for all people to participate in the social achievements in our country.
The municipality of Hambrücken has a grown, closely knit network of various local players who already implement and live this idea locally. Especially for the children of our municipality, the cooperation between the two kindergartens, the local elementary school, the numerous volunteers, the clubs as well as the church and political community ensures that everyone can participate in the

most diverse activities and benefit from the many offers. From the children's carnival to the children's event day and the vacation program, as well as the St. Martin's parade and the Christmas tree campaign, there is plenty on offer throughout the year.

We would like to make this variety of offers accessible to socially disadvantaged children and people with limited financial means from the entire social region. Conversely, we are pleased that our children and fellow citizens also have simplified access to leisure, culture and education in the entire social region. Let us continue to take responsibility for each other and further weave the inter-municipal network of solidarity.

Best regards

Dr. Marc Wagner


- Rent barbecue hut Hambrücken 50 % reduced

- Admission children event day free of charge

- Library St. Remigius Hambrücken free of charge