23. October 2019

At the painting events of SchwARTSmalerei for beginners and professionals, under the guidance of an expert, you create works of art to take with you. While enjoying painting together, you meet nice people into the bargain. For Karlsruhe passport holders the creative leisure pleasure is reduced.


Kim Schwarz
Kriegsstr. 216
76135 Karlsruhe

23. October 2019
KSC – Karlsruher Sport-Club

As a Karlsruhe club and showpiece of the region, KSC wants to take on social and social responsibility. As a result, holders of the Karlsruher Pass and the Karlsruhe Children’s Pass receive reduced admission tickets for the southern tribune (Block S3 & S4, standing room)

Karlsruher Sport-Club

Karlsruher Sport-Club
Adenauerring 17

76131 Karlsruhe