Jugendfreizeit- und Bildungswerk
20. April 2018
Tanzgeist Karlsruhe (Doros Dance Stage)
13. April 2018
Fit-in FitnessClubs GmbH

Five times “Fit In” in the city and district of Karlsruhe offers many opportunities for healthy exercise. “Fit In” accepts the education vouchers 60PLUS. Studios are located at the following locations: Kaiserstr. 94a, Daimlerstr. 1-5, Ebertstr. 52, at the Raumfabrik 32 (Durlach), Am Hasenbiel 20-22 (Blankenloch).

Fit-in FitnessClubs GmbH

Daimlerstraße 1-5
76185 Karlsruhe
0721 1836900